Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Matteo, a K-Pop coup and the resurgence of ‘Kagat ng Dilim’


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It’s been one “Zoom-con” after another in showbiz these past days, which is certainly a stellar sign that the industry is determined to get back on its feet despite the massive blows of the pandemic. Plans pre-pandemic have not only been unearthed all over again but they’ve also been ingeniously implemented despite the rules of the new normal.

Let’s get on with what got on!

* * *

Thanks to technology, Sun Life Philippines was able to launch its Newlywed Starter Pack insurance plan with no less than one of its most loyal endorsers and actual users as ambassador.

The T-Zone asked Matteo Guidicelli: “As newlyweds, did the pandemic somehow dampen the proverbial honeymoon stage for you and wife Sarah Geronimo?” His reply, “At the start we did feel sad we weren’t able to travel and so on, but come to think of it, besides all the negative aspects of this pandemic, we realized we’ve been very blessed with this time with each other, which means so much more today than before. We’re very thankful we’re OK, healthy, we have food to eat and we have each other and our families.”

Newlywed Matteo Guidicelli who has been married to Sarah Geronimo for nine blissful months now has restructured his financial priorities with his true to life role as loving and protective husband and promising dad-understudy.


“These are the best times of my life!” Matteo, who is looking ever gorgeous and genuinely happy exclaimed, basking in the newlywed glow. “I’m thankful to wake up next to my wife every single day. I feel blessed.”

Despite the roadblocks the pandemic dropped on his career and business ventures (Da Gianni Cucina Italiana Manila in Alabang and Trattoria da Gianni in Cebu), Matt said he never once allowed discouragement to set in for the very fact that he has married man responsibilities now.

“My priority now is my wife and building a family with her so being careful in handling finances is more important than ever for newlyweds like me,” the devoted husband declared.

* * *

Neither age nor a pandemic can stop the de facto Father of Philippine Pop Culture, Vicente “Boss Vic” del Rosario — humbly christened by yours truly — from pursuing his colossal plans for the Viva conglomerate what with his latest coup for music.

K-Pop fans were floored when they learned that Boss Vic landed a recording contract with one of the first biggest Hallyu music stars on the planet, South Korea’s Minzy, from the now defunct 2NE1 global girl group sensation.

The T-Zone asked K-Pop star Minzy: “Before the offer from Viva came to start a Philippine career, were there other groups from other countries asking you to do the same?” Her reply, “Yes, I had many offers given that K-Pop is now a global phenomenon, but I decided to accept Viva’s first because I just can’t forget how overwhelming the Filipino fans received me when I performed there a number of times; and I also believe that it’s very important to have good communication with the company you work with and that’s I found with Viva.”

“Personally” confirming this K-Pop coup was the multi-platinum artist via Zoom event all the way from the Land of the Morning Calm. Through an interpreter, Philippine media members were able to interview Minzy to find out how this amazing development came to be.

According to Minzy, when she received a collaborated offer from Viva Artists Agency, Viva Records and Open Door Artists to embark on a Philippine career, she had no second thoughts whatsoever and immediately signed a deal with her own MZ Entertainment talent and production company as part of the marvelous mix.

The project kicks off with the local version of her single “Lovely” which sees the K-pop star giving her song a distinct local Filipino flavor. Originally released at the beginning of the year, Minzy revamped and updated her latest hit especially for K-Pop fans this side of the world, featuring choruses in Filipino.

Said Minzy, she made sure to write down every Tagalog word for the Viva Records version and had a translator provide the exact meaning of each, not only for her to pronounce them correctly but to make sure the chorus properly delivers the song’s message.

An electrifying performer, Minzy is considered to be one of the best in K-Pop and rightly deserves the title “Queen of Dance.” All the same, being under the multi-media Viva company, Filipino fans shouldn’t find it wishful thinking to see Minzy acting in a series or a movie one of these days.

In the meantime, she will definitely be visible in the country promoting her single 2020-style via Zoom and through other online means to bring her all the more closer to her Filipino fans.

“Lovely” was dropped across digital streaming platforms on November 20 and is raking in downloads as you read.

* * *

Most movie houses may still be locked shut but television is definitely bursting with excitement. And thanks to TV5 and Viva (again!), horror fans will have a fill of their favorite genre beginning November 27 with the return of the 20-year-old original Filipino anthology “Kagat ng Dilim.”

The T-Zone asked ‘Kagat ng Dilim’ director Richard Somes: “Do you think it’s fair to say that Korean and Japanese cinema sparked the current popularity of the horror genre in our country, or has it always been a legitimate part of Philippine cinema?” His reply, “I think we have a more powerful and stronger horror cinema in our country because if we go as far back as the early ‘70s — from the works of Celso Ad Castillo’s “Patayin sa Sindak si Barbara” and “Gabi ng Lagim;” to Ishmael Bernal and Peque Gallaga’s “Shake, Rattle & Roll” — we already developed a very rich culture in the genre. We tend to forget how we have the tikbalang, sirena, shokoy, the mangkukulam, which made us trailblazers from the very beginning. Today, we just have to push our own original concepts, mythology and folklore, and in a matter of time, we can even be the leaders of the horror genre in world cinema.

A brainchild of Erik Matti in 2000, the resurgence of “Kagat ng Dilim” (KNG) will see specials directed by a new breed of critically-acclaimed directors in Richard Somes (Best Director, “Yanggaw,” Cinema One Originals Digital Film Festival); Lawrence Fajardo (Best Director, “Imbisibol,” Netpac Award at Vesoul Asian Film Festival); Paul Basinillo (director of hit mini-series “Tabi Po”); and Rae Red (Best Director, “Babae at Baril,” QCinema International Film Festival and Gawad Urian Award).

Featuring Filipino folktales, myths, creatures and urban legends that have brought terror to audiences throughout the years, KNG episodes are comprised of “Hukay” starring Cristine Reyes; “Binabahayan” with Nathalie Hart; “14th Floor” with Kim Molina; “Hinagpis” with Ella Cruz; “Kakambal” with Matteo Guidicelli; “Manika” with Mark Anthony Fernandez and Maui Taylor; “Taglugar” with Cindy Miranda and Alma Moreno; “Pugot” with Diego Loyzaga; “Toktok” starring Mccoy de Leon, Julian Trono, Carlyn Ocampo and Aubrey Caraan; “Sabel” with Louise delos Reyes; “Pagpag” with Jerald Napoles; and “Salakay.”

Get ready with the popcorn and the jumpscares!



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